How do I register my child?

  • Please complete our Enrolment Application online and send it to rachel@thesunflowerschool.ca
  • When we receive the completed application including your child’s immunization records and signed permission forms your child will be placed on our waitlist.
  • Please include your child’s intended start date as this will help with our enrolment process.
  • Parents will receive a date to attend one of our Open House sessions so that they may explore our schools.

Why is it important that I visit with my child?

  • You need to feel comfortable with our school and teachers so that your child sees your comfort level. and they will have an easier time with the adjustment.
  • You need to see if your child is interested in what is happening at the school.

Is there a visiting process once my child has a space?

  • Yes, it is very important to attend the visit days with your child so that you are comfortable with our teachers and our routines-so you know what your child will be doing everyday.
  • Day One: Visit with your child from 9:00 to 11:30 – this is the time to talk to our teachers about your child-likes/dislikes/allergies etc…
  • Day Two: Stay with your child for one hour and then leave them for lunch 9:00 to 12:00.
  • Day Three: Drop off your child with all of your child’s first day requirements as listed below so that your first day at The Sunflower School is about your child and making sure they are comfortable. This last day your child will stay from 9:00 to 12:00.

What qualifications do the teachers have?

  • Most of our teachers are Registered Early Childhood Educators with the College of ECEs.
  • Our assistant teachers are enrolled in The Apprenticeship program for ECEs through the Ontario Government.

What does my child need on the first day of school?

  • This list of items is to be brought on the third day of your visits: it is really important to label your child’s clothes so that they do not go missing.
  • Extra clothes/underwear/shorts/socks/shirts.
  • Outdoor clothing-in the spring and fall we highly recommend rubber boots.
  • In the winter full snowsuits and hats and mitts and winter boots- we love to play in the snow.
  • Diapers and wipes if your child is still in diapers.
  • Blanket for rest time.
  • Sunscreen for the spring/summer.

Why does my child need indoor and outdoor shoes?

  • We are a small school and our children play on the floor- we want our floors to stay as clean as possible. Slippers are a great indoor shoe. Rubber boots are highly recommended for fall and spring outdoor play.

What exactly happens during my child’s day?

  • On the website under Programs, you will see all of our programs from Toddlers to School age and under each section is Our Ideal Day for each group. Your child will have an opportunity to go outside for an hour in the morning and afternoon. If a group is working on a project like our garden, your child may be outside longer.

Why do I need to label all of my child’s clothes?

  • We have many children on location everyday There is a possibility that clothes will be duplicated.
  • It is difficult for our teachers to remember everyone’s clothes.
  • Your child may not remember what their own clothes look like.
  • If the clothes become misplaced and they are labeled then we can help you find them.

What are the Health policies for sickness?

  • If your child becomes sick during the day: fever of 38 and higher or has diarrhea or is vomiting you will need to make arrangements to have your child picked up. All of the above symptoms are signs that your child may have a contagious virus or illness and so they must be separated from the other children. If there are several children with fever related illnesses we will notify you so that you can watch for these signs.
  • Once a year we hold a mandatory health session for all families so that we can outline our policies and so this is the time to ask questions and find out why your child needs to go home when they are sick.

Parking at the Sunflower School

  • Parking is limited so if you wish to speak with our teachers for longer than the usual pick up and drop off times then please park on the street.

Why do I need emergency contact information on my child’s application form when you need to call me as the parent first?

  • There have been incidents when we have not been able to get a hold of a parent for many reasons: you are in a meeting and can not be distributed, your cell phone battery is dead, you are at a conference and your cell phone is turned off, you have forgotten your cell phone at home, or you have a new work phone number or cell phone number that you have forgotten to give us.
  • Your emergency contacts will be asked to contact you also and in the case of an emergency your child is very very ill we will ask that they pick your child up so please make sure your emergency contacts are in the area.

How do I pay the fees?

  • There is a one-time registration fee of $60.00 once you have a space for your child. Fees are based on monthly rates and so every month is the same for you and our budgeting purposes. Automatic withdraw is one method of payment. We also accept post-dated cheques for 6 months at a time. Cash can no longer be accepted.