Conference – Culture of Making 2018

Make Beautiful Things - Create Your Culture Of Making


How do you make beautiful things for your classrooms?

How do beautiful ideas come together?


Join us Spring 2019 (Date TBD) for

Making Beautiful Things

Our 4th Annual Reggio Inspired Conference
from 8:30am – 3:00pm


Featuring Mini Ateliers, Vendors, Hands-on Design, Making and Building,

& Our Keynote Presentation, “The Culture of Making”


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Flow Of The Day:

Registration & School Tours

8:30AM to 9:00AM

Keynote Presentation

9:00AM to 9:30AM

Your keynote location will depend on which morning workshop location you choose.

Lawrence Location – Lower Level School Age Room

Lord Dufferin Location – Sr. Preschool Room

Townline Location- Toddler Room

Morning Workshops

9:30AM to 11:00AM

Lawrence Location

90 Lawrence Ave, Orangeville


The “Whatness” of Materials by Heather Jackson, RECE and Director of The Sunflower School

We will look at creating encounters with everyday materials for young children and to deeply think with children about materials and loose parts. We will look at the theory of Slow looking by Shari Tishman. We will look to understand the complexity of loose parts. What do we see, What do we notice and What do we wonder- we will use these questions to fully develop encounters with loose parts and materials.

Mini Ateliers by The Teachers of The Sunflower School

  • Mark Making Paintbrushes
  • Tablecloth of Words (learn how to embroider a simple stitch)
  • Felt books

Atelier of Place by Diane Kashin, RECE

When we consider the atelier as a place of research, invention and empathy, expressed by means of ‘100’ languages, it does not have to be indoors. Nature is an atelier, rich in resources, with potential to dig with hands and minds. When we give children the gift of place, nature becomes an atelier. Pedagogy of place is using nature as the starting point for play and learning. In this interactive workshop participants will explore the concept of place thinking deeply of possibilities and connections.

Journey through the Marsh by Vicki Griffiths

Lord Dufferin Location

32 First Street, Orangeville

Atelier of Mark Making by Cindy Green, RECE

During this session, educators will have the opportunity to engage in exploration and expression with multiple languages for mark making. Together we will explore the relationship between various mark-making tools and surfaces. Inspired by the book Mosaic of Marks, Words, Materials we will wonder and dialogue about the interplay and relationship between materials and minds.

Atelier of Taste: The Image of the Child by Rosalba Bortolli, RECE

In this interactive workshop we will be engaging in conversations about the cultural idea of food based on the educational philosophy of Reggio Emilia and the approach to early learning. It is to honour the image of the child and to connect these principles to food education, values and traditions. We will taste and explore food in respectful and valued way. It is about giving quality and care to teachers, children, families, and the community.

Mini Atelier by the Teachers of The Sunflower School

  • Mark Making paint brushes
  • Tablecloth of words (learn how to embroider a simple stitch)
  • Wind holders
  • Story Stones

School Tours

11:30AM to 12:00PM


12:00PM to 12:45PM

Afternoon Workshops

1:00PM to 2:00PM

Lawrence Location

90 Lawrence Ave, Orangeville


Creating your own set of blocks by Right Brained Mom

Toddler Atelier by the Teachers at The Sunflower School


Lord Dufferin Location

32 First Street, Orangeville


Make Sensory Bin by Kim Moses, RECE and Justin Fabian, RECE

Make Infant Activity Centre by Rosie Lister, RECE and Laura Aldmure, RECE


Townline Location

9 Townline, Orangeville


Make Transparent Story Telling Blocks by Nicole Mclean, RECE

Make Tree Cookie’s Chalkboard by Keri Best, RECE

Make Mirrored Boxes by Chantelle RECE and Jess

Journey through the Marsh by Vicki, RECE

School Tours

2:00 to 3:00PM

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us:

Registration; Kathleen Jackson 519-938-5147

Materials being presented: Heather Jackson 519-307-0166


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